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The summer clinics at Lobo Tennis Club are going strong! Whether you are looking to improve your strokes, match strategy, or just get some good excercise, we have something for you!

Coach Bob and Coach Christine offer clinics every weekday, the calendar is available by clicking the link at the top of the website.

Coach Christine uses a program called "Doodle" to manage sign-ups for her clinics. If you have any questions you can email or call her directly at / 331-1524.


LAST WEEK TO SIGN UP! SUMMER SINGLES LEAGUE: We are starting a Summer Singles League that will be run like a round robin flex league, that means around your schedule! Let us know if you are interested by calling the front desk and leaving your name and contact information or go to the club board and put your name on the sign up sheet. Up-graded members are free except for a small fee for balls (you could provide your own), regular members will have a $7.00/match fee and non-members can play at a discounted price $10.00/match (the fee covers court time of 2 1/2 hours and balls). You can sign up at your level, but some levels may be combined. Play will begin May 1st and play through out the summer.


Make sure to check out our updated Calendar to find out which Superdrills fit your schedule! Click the CALENDAR link above to view the Calendar.

Please see our policy for Superdrills rating levels:

Sign up only where you are rated. If you want to play up 1/2 level, you must call the day of the drill and if there is an opening, you can fill it. If you want to play 1/2 level down you must call the day of the drill and if there is an opening, you can fill it.

You may not sign up on a level above your rating. If you don't know your rating, you can self-rate with the USTA. If you do not want to do that. Bob and your instructor will rate you.

If you sign up as an alternate make sure you put your phone number down. We will call you if there is an opening

Thank you for your cooperation,