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You don't need to bring a partner.  Here is the Format:

1) Matches are timed at 20 minutes.

2) Spin to decide who serves. Switch sides after 4 games.

3) No-Ad Scoring. Gender to gender, if N/A the receivers choice.

4) Record the score of your match, play as many games as you can in the 20 minutes. (e.g. if Jen & Tim beat Han & Melissa 5-3, then Jen & Tim each give each other 5 points, Han & Melissa each give each other 3 points).

5) Winners stay on court, losers move one court down. Teams split up.


Mark your calendars - 2016 Coleman Vision Tennis Championships at Tanoan Country Club! More information is below and at


Lobo Tennis Club welcomes Andres Quijada to Lobo Tennis Club! Andres will be a great addition to our teaching staff. He will start mid-September with some Superdrills and will be available for private/group lessons. Contact information and an updated Superdrills calendar will be forthcoming.

Andres was born in Caracas, Venezuela and has been a passionate tennis player from a very early age. He was constantly ranked in the top 5 of the nation during his junior career. This earned him the opportunity to compete representing Venezuela in the South American circuit (COSAT) and internationally in ITF tournaments. Later, despite the tough economic circumstances of his country, he managed to earn ATP points and be ranked on the pro circuit in both singles and doubles. During this time he competed extensively against international players in the futures circuit. Following his playing career, Andres worked in several countries as a tennis coach, mainly Venezuela, Canada and the USA. He coached at the Division I College level along with working at various Tennis Academies in the United States. In recent years he coached at Giammalva Tennis Academy in Houston, Texas and Brookhaven Tennis Academy in Dallas, Texas; affording him the opportunity to work and travel with some of the strongest junior players in Texas.

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