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Lobo Men's and Women's Teams

The LTC is home to the UNM Lobo Men's and Women's Tennis teams.  They have their practices and matches here, giving you lots of opportunities to watch great tennis.  Both teams play in the Mountain West Conference, and play dual matches against teams from all over the country.  The Men's team is coached by Head Coach Alan Dils and Associate Head Coach Bart Scott. The Women's team is coached by Head Coach Erica Jasper and Assistant Coach Kelcy McKenna.  Both have had successful Fall seasons, with players competing in individual competition tournaments and they are looking forward to their Spring seasons and team competition. The women's team has eight new players and the men's team has four new players.  Both teams have new players from the Southwest, including players from Albuquerque.  Come support your men's and women's teams this Spring! 


Men's Tennis Website                  Women's Tennis Website

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