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10 & Under, unLTD.

10 & Under Tennis is a program designed by the USTA to get young children involved in tennis with equipment and courts that are the right size for them.  They have small racquets, low-compression tennis balls (foam balls for the really little ones), and smaller courts.  We have embraced this program here at the LTC and hope that you will as well.

Monday,  Wednesday, & Saturday Classes

Monday and Wednesday Sessions:

     Time: 4:00pm-5:00pm

     Dates: january 6th-February 17th

     Price: $105 (7 classes) 



Saturday Sessions:

     Times: 9:00am-10:00am, 10:00am-11:00am

     Dates: not available this session

     Price: $90 (6 classes)


Sessions last for 7 weeks, with the 7th week being a competition day (matches for higher-level players, and games for younger and lower-level players).


How to Sign-up

To sign your child up for 10 & Under Tennis lessons, please contact Matthew Neeld at (575) 626-7500 or Roy Cañada at (505) 306-8407, or by email at  


Green Ball & Orange Ball Classes

For more advanced and competetive players, Green Ball and Orange Ball classes are offered on Sundays.  Orange Balls are the low-compression balls used for the 10 & Under division in tournaments and USTA programs.  Green Balls are the low-compression balls used for the 12 & Under division in tournaments and USTA programs.  


Orange Ball: Monday and Wednesday, 4-5pm, 7 weeks.

Green Ball: not available this session



Elementary School Program

Teachers!  Looking for a free half-day field-trip for your class?!  Look no further!  The Lobo Tennis Club works with current and former Lobo Tennis players to host 2 hour group lesson days for elementary age classes (grades K-5). Just bring your class, enjoy watching them play, and relax! Bring your lunches with you and enjoy them in our grassy areas outside.  

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